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Welcome to the Wiki about 3D computing technology

3d-techniques is a Wiki to help collect information about 3-dimensional computer technology, which would be a knowledge base for developers.


This Wiki supposed to help develop software in the domain of 3-dimensional techniques, so and we want to describe how 3D-controlling (similar to Project Natal by Microsoft), 3D-Filming (like Avatar by Cameron) and Game developement, 3D-Projection techniques and surround sound (as well as downmixing to binaural) work.

These technologies have already been developed in part, but none of them is freely available. That's what we want to change. This wiki should allow a free knowledge transfer between research and software development, so that we can get free (open source) software ready for these bleeding-edge technologies. It should also give an overview of what Open Source software already exists in the domain, how active these projects are and what still needs to be done.

Obviously, not only the technology itself is interesting, but the possibilities that the interactions between them provide. Think for example of a recording device that keeps track of musicians on a stage and mixes a surround sound file according to their position. Or maybe a sterescopic videoconference over the internet that adjusts sound according to your position in a room. Of course, simpler things like a virtual stage for stereophonic (binaural) when you listen to your MP3s using your mobile multimedia device (like the iPod), would then also easily be possible.

The idea behind the DIY section is to make a cheap research and testing platform available to anyone interested. Obviously, it is going to be obsolete as soon as cheap devices start showing up on the market. Of course, it could also be interesting to everyone else for home entertainment.

For information about the licenses of the information published in this wiki, please read the Licensing page.


So, these are some pages with some general information you might be interested in:

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